How To Index Backlinks Fast In Google For Free

- November 28, 2017

In my previous posts I told you what are backlinks and why are they important. Now I will show you how to index Backlinks fast  in Google for free?

Building backlinks is really a must-do task for every blogger. Well, there are many other bloggers, Who totally depend on Social media. If you are also one of those Bloggers, You won't get any success, according to me. Because Traffic from social media is a temporary task. After some time, when some people share other stories, Your blog post will be out.


Instead, Search engine traffic is not fully a permanent nor temporary task. You can drive stable amounts of traffic regularly to your website.

But, If you want organic traffic, You need some backlinks. But wait, Building links is not only the task. You need to make them get indexed by Google.

That's why, In this blog post, I have included some working tips to index your backlinks quickly on Google for free.

How To Index New Backlinks Quickly On Google

Note: There is nothing called Instant indexing. If something gets indexed in seconds of building, They aren't permanent. All the techniques listed here can't do any magic. So you need some patience.

1. Submit your backlink giving URL to Google

If you want to index your backlinks faster in Google naturally, This is the best method to go on. As it is officially provided by Google, it will surely help you in indexing of your links.

To submit backlinks to Google:

1. Go to the Submit URL.


2. Input your backlink giving URL in the box and verify the challenge.

3. Click on submit URL

Then, Google will crawl the page within 24 hours. If there are no issues in indexing of the link giving URL, they will index it.

For example, if the link giving URL has a noindex tag, Googlebot will avoid it.

2. Build links to the link giving URL

It is better to build link to the link giving URL If you are in a need of getting your backlinks indexed in Google. I know, it is hard to build links to a page or a site.

But there are few ways to build links that help you in Indexing.

1. Social bookmarking

Bookmark the page which is giving you the link back. All of the social bookmarking sites are really active and gets updated frequently. So they have higher crawl rate. So, If you bookmark the link giving URL, you can index it easily.

2. Use web 2.0 sites like Imfaceplate

Imfaceplate is a web 2.0 sites which can help you to index your backlinks quickly in Google for free.

All you need to do is Sign up for an account and start a new site/blog

It will give you a subdomain like yourdomain.imfaceplate.com.

Start writing an article related to the link giving URL and give a link to the link giving URL. When Google crawls your new web 2.0 site, It will also crawl your link giving URL. Thus, your limits get indexed.

But Imfaceplate has some restriction like minimum words length, Unnecessary linking etc.

If you don't need any restrictions, You can create a new Blogspot blog and paste all your link giving URL's in a blog post and submit your new Blogspot blog to Google.

3. Blog commenting

Start commenting on some dofollow blogs with the URL of your link giving page. When Googlebot visit the page, It will also crawl your link giving URL. Thus, your link gets indexed easily.

4. Make a YouTube video

Make a video related to your link giving URL and input your link giving URL in the description.

YouTube is a video hosting site by Google. So, Google crawls it for every 2 hours ( I think, according to my experience ). So your backlinks will be indexed easily.

5. Use a Forum

Choose a relevant question to your backlink URL and at the end of your answer, Link to the Link giving URL.

Well, there are many another method for building links. But, these methods work really faster.

3. Use a Backlink indexer software

Personally, I won't recommend it as it can create negative impacts on search engines.

But, there are some best software and services like Indexnuke, Backlink indexer which can help you to index your links.

But, most of the working limited indexing software's are paid. So you should invest in them If you have some budget. If not, Leave this one.

4. Ping the link

There are many pinging services available for free on the internet. But, only some of them are recommended.

I recommend you to try ping bomb which creates 103 backlinks and ping them too.


You should input the link giving URL and submit it. Pingbomb will start creating links and point them, So Googlebot checks it and indexes it.

How to check whether you backlink is indexed or not?

After building links and using the techniques listed above, it is the time to check whether they worked for you or not. But, I have already told you, it would take some time to index your backlinks in Google.

To check whether your links are indexed or not:

  • Go to Google
  • Paste your link giving URL in the search box
  • If the URL appears on search results, that means your links are indexed.

Note: Google won't index links or sites which uses Noindex tag. So I am not responsible, If these techniques are not worked for you. These are the techniques which worked for me. They may or may not works you

Wrapping It Up

I hope you have understood how to index backlinks quickly on google. These are my techniques to index backlinks quickly on Google for free. All the techniques except indexing software's are free.

But, some of your friends or family members don't know these techniques, So share this one and help them.


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